About Multisaw

Our sawmill designs are customised to improve timber throughput, increase recovery, reduce power consumption and elevate overall sawmill efficiency. These key points help our customers achieve better profitability and improve their competitive edge.

Multisaw band saws

The first machine (the One Machine Band Saw Mill) was assembled in 1990. Twenty years has seen Multisaw grow from designing and building simple, single head rolling-table bandsaws, to developing today’s sophisticated turn-key saw mill projects.

The Multisaw team

The dynamic Multisaw team, headed by visionary Managing Director, Neil Murray, consists of an energetic group of individuals, ranging from factory, sales and technical managers, to research and design teams and adminstrative staff. Our staff have a strong desire to immerse themselves in up-to-date technology, and are renowned for developing logical solutions to otherwise complex problems. Creativity, passion and forward thinking are key. Our team provides quality, professional and affable customer service.

Multisaw and our saw milling customers

Multisaw values building strong customer relationships. Our approachable team consistently strives to provide the best possible service, and are known to go out of our way to ensure customer satisfaction. Our mill designs are interactive and customised according to our client specifications. Machine layouts are adaptable and easily integrated into existing saw-mill lines. We provide constant access to support, both telephonic troubleshooting and guidance, as well as on-site visits. We further offer the option of site installation and project management.

Saw Milling Technology

Multisaw has an insatiable desire for current machine technology: Our modern technology, combined with CNC laser cutting, greatly improves timber cutting accuracy, all the whil e creating robust machinery. 3D design and assembly software adds functionality to our machines, without losing simplicity.

The Future of Saw Milling Machines

Multisaw is internationally recognised. Our machines are found in sawmills in Australia, Croatia, Botswana, Japan, Kenya, Mozambique, Romania, South Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, and our footprint continues to grow.