It was never founder Neil Murray’s original intention to start a band-saw design and manufacturing company. Neil was first introduced to saw-milling at the Sabi Forest Fair in 1988. A fleeting introduction with a timber saw sparked an interest, and would later serve as a major inspiration in founding Multisaw.

Late in 1988, Neil and family relocated from Johannesburg to a timer farm outside of Plettenberg Bay. With an abundance of timber available to him on the farm, Neil’s entrepreneurial spirit and engineering aptitude saw an opportunity to use the timber resources available to him, and he set about building his own sawmill.

The First Multisaw Bandsaw

Coming from an engineering and manufacturing background, and drawing on inspiration from other designs, Neil set about building his first saw – the One Machine Band Sawmill – driven by a tractor PTO. After completion, he invited a local sawmiller to view his saw: he immediately bought the machine. Shortly after this unexpected sale, Neil built another two bandsaws: one for his own personal use, and one requested by another miller:both got sold. The year was 1990: Multisaw was born

Word quickly spread, and Multisaw was soon approached to build a Horizontal Log Breakdown Saw, followed by a Twin Band Log Breakdown.

Multisaw’s expansion

Twenty years has seen:

  • the expansion of Multisaw’s product range to well over 30 machines (including saw blade maintainance),
  • the registering of a number of patents,
  • the installation of numerous complete full saw-mill lines, and
  • international sales.

After completing a diploma in Wood Technology (Saasveld), Neil’s son, Luke, joined the Multisaw team in 2004. Luke brought a fresh, young approach, a huge passion for current technology and a sharp eye for design. Luke has made numerous major contributions to Multisaw, including the design and development of key products: the LG Pneumatic Cylinder international patent, a new range of LE TitanHeadrigs and LE Overhead Carriage Twinband.

First Neil, then Luke’s spirit of originality and unique innovation has filtered throughout the Multisaw family for the last twenty years.

Developing products and machinery with that personal touch and precision – as if making the machine for themselves – has remained the core of Multisaw’s vision, and places Multisaw apart from the rest.