Multisaw Launches Innovative TITAN Hybrid Band Saw

By August 25, 2010Multisaw News

Multisaw has supplied the saw-milling industry with machines for over two decades, and pride themselves in developing unique machines at competitive pricing.

Their latest band-saw design fits these principles entirely: the first of it’s kind in the saw-milling industry, and set to impress even the most skeptical of saw-millers.

Band Saw Technology and Cost-Effective Solutions

Multisaw has a preference for wide-band technology, yet they understand the need for a more affordable, cost-effective, lower production solution in saw-mills. Narrowbands, despite their smaller price tags and lower power requirements, quite simply lack the durability and technology of the wideband machine.

Multisaw began to question: where is an intermediate system, with affordable gear, that has the capabilities of sawing at speeds and accuracies similar to the bigger band saw brothers?

Sensing the gap in this market – and always up for a challenge – Multisaw set about developing a revolutionary, affordable product: the Titan Hybrid Range of Narrowband Bandsaws

A Titan Hybrid Band Saw

The TH Narrow bandsaw is a hybrid of wide band design and technology and narrow band size and cost. By incorporating improved resilience and precision alignment, the TH Narrowband is a cost-effective, durable saw-milling machine.

Features include:

  • Sturdy components
  • Heavier machine structure
  • Charka pressure guide system
  • SG cast iron bandsaw wheels

Multisaw offers the band saw in 35, 50, 65 or 80mm blading options.

Droste Saw Blade Tipping & Grinding Technology

Using the TITAN Hybrid Narrow bandsaw in conjunction with Droste technology will result in improved ability of your saw mill, higher cutting speeds, thinner kerf and longer blade life. The combination of these two technologies is set to take intermediate band-saw milling capabilites to a new level.

Sawmilling Exhibition

The revolutionary TH Narrow Bandsaw is yet another entirely unique innovative machine designed, developed and built by Multisaw. This band saw – as well as a range of products from Multisaw, Droste and Wood Industry Supplies, – will be on display at the Sawmilling Exhibition, 3 – 12 September 2010, in Plettenberg Bay.

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