New Sawmilling Equipment: Multisaw Develops Robust Log Scanning System

By May 22, 2010Multisaw News

Multisaw strives to meet customer requirements. This often presents huge challenges that require innovative solutions to develop state-of-the-art sawmilling equipment. When approached by a customer to provide a log scanning system, Multisaw gathered their collective creativities and, in conjunction with reputable partners Festo, developed a new product: The E-Tallyman Log Scanning System.

Log Scanning Technology

The Multisaw E-Tallyman System measures and records thin end log diameters and lengths that are processed by the sawmill. The system uses up-to-date technology combined with standard, off-the-shelf components, and consequently provides a cost-effective solution. In addition, the use of a PLC as opposed to a PC makes the machine robust.

Milling Machine Compatibility

Fitting directly onto the existing log-haul, the E-Tallyman System is compatible with all linear log-haul configurations. Logs are fed linearly, thin or thick end first. Furthermore, the log scanner automatically assigns logs to customer-specific diameter and length classes.

Saw Mill Data

The E-Tallyman System sits on the company’s existing network, or couples directly to a laptop. Data is output into a useable format. Both live and historical data are easily available to users on the network, and data can be output directly to an LED board within the sawmill. The system keeps a limited history of recent shift production rates, as well as has a running tally for the current day. Files are downloaded according to the date and shift, and are presented in an easy to use, spreadsheet format.
Robust, simple and cost-effective: the Multisaw E-Tallyman Log Scanning System is a valuable piece of equipment to add to any sawmill.

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