• Optical scanning on the run
  • Easy to use windows interface
  • Mechanised material handling for fast, accurate board alignment.
  • Online support and troubleshooting available

The VORTEX Automated Edger uses optical scanning technology to achieve high precision, low waste edging of boards.

The entire edging process is fully automated. First, each board is scanned using image recognition technology. The profile of each board is then analysed by a computer, which decides on the best product to maximize recovery. Decisions are based on both volume recovery and product value.

After scanning, the boards pass through an alignment station, and thereafter
the sawing station, and finally the usable board is separated from the waste.
The V-AE is capable of handling up to 25 boards per minute and is the ideal machine to edge boards coming from the TITAN Resaw.

Patented binary pneumatic sizing achieves any width of cut without
complication. Parallel PLC / computer control systems allow for the machine to be switched over to manual mode with a single button, and online support
allows our technicians to dial into your machine to troubleshoot it remotely.
All in all, a simple robust, automated solution to your edging needs.

Machine Specifications

Throat width 500mm (max material width)
Cutting width Min - 40mm; Max - 300mm (customizable up to 500mm)
Material thickness Min - 19mm; Max - 45mm
Blade diameter 300mm - 320mm
Blade kerf 3 - 5mm
Main saw motors 22kW or 30kW (29.5HP or 40.2HP)
Feed motor & gearbox 10kW (13.4HP)
Feed speed 0 - 140m/min
Piece Count 0 - 25 boards/min (length dependant)
Sizing method Patented binary pneumatic sizing system, Optical scanner controlled, Automated board allignment
Scanning method Computer controlled optical scanner
Hold downs Driven pneumatic hold downs
Options In-line or transverse board scanning