TITAN Hybrid Resaw

General Info

The TITAN Hybrid Resaw is an ultra-robust resawing system. This machine is ideal for small and large saw millers looking for a compact resaw that offers similar cutting performance to wideband machines.
Our TITAN technology gives this machine the exclusive ability to offer high strain, high speed sawmilling to narrowband users.

Key Features:
- Heavy duty TITAN column for high strain, high speed milling
- Pneumatically assisted, driven hold down
- Heavy duty slatt-chain
- Stationary arbor system on driven wheel
- High accuracy linear bearing assisted blade tensioning system

Cutting Pattern

The TITAN Hybrid Resaw is a highly versatile machine. It can be used to process sideboards or squares (edged cants). The addition of a simple merry go round roller table allows for multiple passes and hence multiple cuts. Alternatively, it is possible to mount multiple heads in row, thereby resawing entire cants or squares in a single pass. Regardless of configuration, the thin kerf and low power consumption of this machine coupled with its unrivalled high performance and high build quality make it our most popular resaw by far.

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